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It Isn’t Grannies Rosary

old crucifix on a rosary

A lot of people think about rosaries and they think about an old out style type of jewelry. Something that you think your grandmother or an old timer might carry.

But if you haven’t check out a rosary these days, you might be in for a big shock. There are some really up to date rosaries available for purchase now a days. One such store where you can view some awesome high quality rosary they have for sale are over at My Holy Rosary dot com.

Whether it is a inexpensive set of rosaries you are looking for, they have a huge selection.

Now  back talking about the subject matter here. I remember my granny having an old rosary she prayed with daily and often she kept it on her lap while watching tv. She would pick it up and pray throughout the day. Holding the beads in her fingers and moving them along the beads as she progressed through her rosary prayer.

Now to be straight, this rosary was not the most attractive. It was made of pewter or some cheap medal like that. And I do not remember the beads being very attractive either. Probably just a bunch of synthetic plastic type beads.

Well if you  check out the rosaries they sell these days, you’d be amazed. No more cheap, inexpensive medals to make the rosary. Mot cheap beads either.

Most of the sort after Catholic rosaries are made of Silver or Gold. And the beads they use currently in most cases are made with high quality beads. In fact, a lot of them feature the high quality Swarovski bead rosary.

These beads originate from Austria and are made of the highest quality be skilled trades persons.

So when people mention they like to pray with rosary beads, or are looking to find a place that sells rosary beads then do not be surprised when you take a look at some of the hot new styles available out there on the market!

…..These aren’t Grannies rosary anymore!!!!

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A Piece of Jewely All Catholics Should Have

most well-known and popular catholic saints

Catholic whom like jewelry should strongly consider having a nice quality religious theme piece of jewelry in their collection. If you are a women then that would be your jewelry box. Men have jewelry boxes but I think more tend to be like me and just place it on a dresser!

There are many types of Catholic themed jewelry I’m referencing here. Any one or two make great gifts for family member, other Catholic friends or perhaps someone special such as a boyfriend, niece or nephew or maybe your husband or wife. Here is a really good quality online Catholic gift that I personally like to shop at that you can click on the link provided

These gift items I’ll be discussing are great again for your own collection or for such events listed below:


  • Baptism
  • First Communions
  • Confirmations
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Graduations

And basically any life event that would warrant a really nice, quality gift. Some of the jewelry items Catholics appreciate are listed below.

  • Baptism Gifts
  • Saint Medals
  • Miraculous Medals
  • Crosses
  • Crucifixes
  • Rosaries
  • Specialty Medals

As you can see from the list above, the list is quite numerous and in all probability much greater than one would think.
A lot of the times there are other ways to make the jewelry gifts even more personalized and special and this is accomplished via custom engraved items or perhaps if a rosary you purchase is made with beads from the persons birth month.
The bottom line here is if you are Catholic you really should consider some of the jewelry products listed above to give other Roman Catholic friends, family members etc. next time you need to purchase them a good, unique, and quality gift.

Please let us know what you think and forward us any other ideas you might have to buy Catholics that we do not have listed.
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A Classic Blue Gem – The Blue Sapphire

Very informative video on jewelry making and more specifically on making a blue sapphire diamond ring. Folks often complain about the high costs of jewelry these days but they simply are not aware of how labor intense it is to make fine jewelry. So to get an appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in making jewelry of this caliber we strongly suggest taking a watch of this video.

A Traditional Jewel

A classic blue gem, the sapphire is a traditional stone that always makes a fashion statement among wearers and aficionados of fine jewelry. Not only is it valued for its rich blue color, it is also durable and rare – its worth increasing over the years. Sapphires are seen in a variety of colors – from pale blue to royal swimming pool blue as well as midnight blue and navy. The gems are primarily extracted from such exotic or romantic locales as Thailand, Tanzania, Australia, Myanmar, Ceylon, and Madagascar.

Color is the Major Component Used in Determining Worth

Worth is determined by quality and size, with color being the major determinant. Valuable sapphires exhibit a blue that is not too dark or light, with any gem over 2 carats considered to be quite rare.

Why Loose Stones are Considered a Better Buy


If you are interested in investing in this kind of gemstone, it is better to choose a sapphire that is loose versus preset. That way, you will get more for your money. Loose sapphires are not only less costly, you can also more easily see what you are purchasing. Settings can mask any inclusions inside the stone as well as brighten or deepen the hue. However, a loose stone is what it is – all which gives you a better idea of the gem’s true worth.

Customize Your Selection

Another benefit of buying loose sapphires is the fact that you can pick the exact shape, cut or color that you want for a particular setting. By choosing a loose sapphire, you can set the stone in a one-of-a-kind jewelry setting – one which can be fashioned in white or yellow gold, silver or platinum – in a bezel or prong type design.